We are brownsville



Mr. Kyle Hollins Director

Mr. Allen Thomas Deputy Director and Sports Coordinator




Mr. Kyle Hollins

Kyle Hollins grew up in Brownsville. The child of a single mother, Kyle was raised in The Van Dyke Houses in the heart of the community. He always wanted to return to Brownsville, and after attending college upstate, he returned home to support youth and young adults.




Mr. Allen Thomas

A native resident of Brownsville, Mr. Thomas was educated in public schools throughout Brooklyn. Playing every sport possible, in every season, he later attendend school in upstate New York studying administration. He became a coach to provide opportunties for young boys and girls throughout their lives.




Mentors and Guides

BYA staff, volunteers and community partners are dedicated to Brownsville Youth. The BYA office is filled with young people stopping in to say hello. BYA has a presence on the street too and are kown throughout the community for their caring and joyful nature.




Brownsville Natives

BYA is intimately tied to Brownsville. Hollins and Thomas both grew up here and their families still live here. Kyle Hollins (above) at the court here he played ball as a youth.




Community Leaders

Public School Principals can do even more for their students and their community in partnership with BYA.




Community Partners

BYA is pleased to partner with many community organizations and individuals. Workshops and community events are held throughout the neighborhood. This BYA friend gave Kyle his first community support job as a young man living in the Van Dyke Houses.




Sadie Sanders, Glenmore Community Center Director

BYA is pleased to partner with Ms. Sanders on intergenerational programming.





Community members interested in giving back are involved in BYA programs at all levels. BYA is grateful for all the work of our volunteers. We couldn't do it without you!