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More than 300 youth take part in BYA programming! Over 1000 Brownsville residents of all ages attend the BYA Community Barbeque each year.

From basketball tournaments to fatherhood classes and employment training, BYA is committed to improving the lives of all Brownsville residents.

Join us! Get involved in one of our programs or learn how you can support BYA. Stop by or call 347.715.4405.  


After School Knowledge (A.S.K.)

Comprehensive after-school program with homework help, computer training and creative arts. Developed with local teachers, A.S.K. includes a mentor program focusing on self-improvement.

For youth ages 6 to 15 who have received written notification of "promotion in doubt"


Cyber Seniors Collaborative

Designed to promote intergenerational learning and relationships, computer-based literacy programs are co-located in community senior centers.  Youth teach seniors basic computer and internet skills. Seniors sharpen cognitive and motor skills and interact with a young person.

To host a Cyber Seniors Collaborative group, Contact Us.


Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative

Workshops and information for recent or expecting fathers to increase awareness of infant and child health and safety.

In collaboration with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


Health Workshops

Community workshops on topics including Asthma Reduction, Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Smoking Cessation, Diabetes and Nutrition Awareness. Open to all.

In collaboration with the New York Health and Hospitals Corporation


Second Wind

GED preparation, computer training, and career development skills including resume building, interview preparation, and job seeking techniques.

Designed for unemployed youth and young adults ages 16-24 who have not completed high school. Parents espeically encouraged.


Additional Youth Programming

BYA hosts annual community barbeques, facilitates workshops on gang violence, provides opportunities for youth to learn and play musical instruments as well as competitive sports.

We hope you'll join us! Contact us or stop by to get involved.





Asthma Awareness

Every May is Asthma Awareness Month. Brownsville has one of the highest rates of asthma in the city. BYA hosts educational and fun community days to draw attention to this community health concern.




Community Education

BYA offers evening programs everyday at 5pm. A meal is served. Topics range from pregnancy prevention, fatherhood skills, heath and well being, to job readiness.




After School Program

From homework help to life skills, the BYA afterschool program offers kids what they need to succeed in school and beyond.




Sports Programs

BYA teams compete each year in the NYC Housing Authority Championships.



Sports and Much More




Annual Sumer Basketball Tournaments



Lessons on and off the Court




Fatherhood Initiative

BYA offers programs to teach expectant and new fathers the skills they need to provide for their children.



Helping Brownsville Fathers Step Up!




Community Outings




Sports Help Kids Stay Healthy and Proud




Community Gatherings

From the beginning, BYA has believed in community empowerment through sharing food and friendship. Annual BBQs are a neighborhood-wide event. Over 1000 people attend each year!




Supporting Youth to the Finish Line

Every race counts. That's why BYA is committed to guiding Brownsville youth on the track, field, court and throughout their lives.




A Decade of Social Service Support




A Decade of Community Workshops




Girls Basketball and Sport Programs




Trained Health Educators




A History of Supportive Volunteers




Awards for Sportsmanship and Success




Traveling Exhibits